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411 Holiday Season with DubstepRemix.Org

Hey guys and girls,

I know updates have been very few and far in between the last two months. Life is overwhelming with school and work, so I do apologize if you have been left hanging. The Holidays are coming up, meaning the semesters over and I'll be having a great deal more time to sort through the backlog of tracks in my email and soundcloud! Just gotta do one last hard push to finish all my projects and papers before December 1st hits!

I get messages from you all the time and I thank each and everyone of you for the support because that's what keeps me going, and this is why I do this.

So stay tuned!

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Dr Cryptic – Be Kind (Dungeon Step)

Usually we only get goodies from Dr Cryptic in the form of massive mix sets, but today I got a special treat for you guys. A single tune titled "Be Kind". I like how he called it Dungeonstep, but you know what would be better? Using this in a future version or remake of Exorcist. The song will surely raise the hairs on your neck up with the haunting bells, sinister slashes, and electronic beeps of underground equipment used to torture you slowly!!


Dr Cryptic – November 2011 Dubstep Mix Set

Been a while since I've heard from Dr Cryptic! He hit me up with his November mix set and boy am I glad to hear it! News on the street is (okay he told me) he's struck out on his own and started his own record label called Chip Butty Records. This set is very mellow and chilled out weighing in at 99.36Mbs and falling just under 43 minutes long. The feeling I get is like lounging in a dark corner chilling out to a Hookah set blowing out fat O's =] Just pop this in and enjoy the trip.


Adventure Club Interview

Interview with Adventure Club conducted by DubstepRemix.Org on October 23rd, 2011.

1. Before forming a duo in early 2011, were you guys already friends, or just two guys who met, had things in common and decided to make music together?

We've been friends since high school, involved in a bunch of different musical projects. However, we only decided to have a go at EDM music in 2011.
We got tired of lugging guitars, amps, drums around. Now, we just sit in a basement, drinking embarrassing amounts of energy dranks... (Energy drink sponsorship anyone?) and yes, we know they're terrible for you. We're actually super neurotic health freaks, but since we started this Adventure Club, we kind of let some of that slip...

2. How did you guys get discovered? Can I even ask this? =]

If I could write in exact detail how it kind of came together, I would. However, we weren't planning on, it just came along as we kept releasing songs.
We sent songs to blogs, youtube channels, a couple picked them up. Slowly, more friendly internet people starting posting our traxxx everywhere.
Love the internet.

3. Some hip hop artists are heavily influenced by Bruce Lee and Kung fu movies, what are your inspirations when it comes to making music with unique and distinct sounds?

Jayden Jaymes, Flux Pavillion, anddd Pop pUnk.

4. How would you describe yourself in one word? (Leighton = ?) (Christian = ?)

Christian = Expecto Patronum
Leighton = Rictusempra

7. You guys seem busy lately, what have you been up too?

Our touring schedule has been filling out quite nicely lately, that along with school, writing music and girlfriends.
Having a decent social life with our friends is tough. Lol@sleeping.

8. Lastly, if I gave you two plane tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you guys go? And why?

A Bali beach. Cause it's a Bali beach. But it would have to be a sunny Bali beach. gloomy Bali beaches suck.
When do we get our tickets?

Interviewer's Ending Comments: I've followed Adventure Club since the beginning, and was hooked when I heard their distinct style! I remembered being there when some random guy on Youtube was claiming their tracks as his own and people actually believed that guy, that's how far back Adventure Club had been. Now they are a super success, and it's only a matter of time before they become well-known heavyweights like Skrillex. I had a blast doing an interview with these two and wish them the very best. Maybe one day I will be able to afford to buy them two tickets to Bali, or maybe they can buy me one. =]

Adventure Club Official Links:

Adventure Clubs's sickest traxxx:

Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Thrice - Broken Lungs (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Britney Spears - Till the World Ends (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Adventure Club's interview conducted exclusively by DubstepRemix.Org!

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Klaypex – Lights (Original Dubstep Mix)

Another new dubstep producer on the scene. This time its Kayplex hailing out of Miami, USA. The funny thing is looking through the album I saw there was a track featuring Mike Diva. I remember coming across this guys channel and having a good laugh seeing his Sexy Sax Man videos. It seems alot of people on Youtube are collaborating with one another here and there. Anyways back to Kayplex, this shit is dope, this is in 320kbps, and finally this shit is FREE, so what are you waiting for? Come get it now! Loose Dirt EP!

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At Dawn We Rage – More and More (Original Dubstep Mix)

This is my 2nd absolute favorite off the Until The Light Takes Us album by At Dawn We Rage. Honestly, 1st, 2nd, they are both so close I can switch them around all day depending on my mood. This is one hell of a melodic tune, chill and faded status approved. Highly recommended that you guys get the whole album!

At Dawn We Rage Official:


At Dawn We Rage – Life (Original Dubstep Mix)

I've got a nice treat for you guys today, a full entire Dubstep EP by "At Dawn We Rage" in full 320kbps sweetness. This is by far my favorite tune on the album next to More and More. I've got those two on repeat for a while now and I figure its time to stop being so damn greedy and share it. Now you may share with your friends as well. Get the full album on our forum now!

At Dawn We Rage Official:


tHORAX – Skinny Genes (Original Dubstep Remix)

Back with another tHORAX dub track, this one is called Skinnny Genes and boy is this shit awesome! Just chill back and enjoy the melodic synths with a side gargantuan dish of bass and distortion. This is a whopping 18 MBs, quality can't get any more crisp than that! Wiiiiiild.

tHORAX Official:

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Grizzly J Interview

Interview with Grizzly J conducted by DubstepRemix.Org on October 10th, 2011.

1) How did you hear about dubstep, and how did you get started in it?

i think i first heard about dubstep from a friend of mine who was showing me a lot of glitch hop. at that point i was producing a bunch of different styles of electronic music and was excited to try making something a lot slower and more subby than i was used to.

2) How long have you been producing and DJing?

i've been producing music in one form or another for 6 or 7 years. when i first started producing i was using garage band to record and layer myself playing guitar, bass, and drums, and gradually started incorporating electronic sounds until eventually i started making "purely" electronic tunes. at a certain point i got bored using garage band to produce and got ableton live, which i've been using ever since. i've been djing for about 4 years.

3) What do you think of the Cali dub scene compared to the rest of the US? And the world?

to be honest i have been really immersed in the california bass music scene and haven't gotten to travel too far out of california, but i can definitely say that the california bass music scene is totally big and thriving and moving in a million different directions at once. there are so many talented producers and dj's out here as well as amazing crews who put huge amounts of time and energy and love into manifesting some really amazing gatherings. it is totally inspiring and exciting to get to be part of it all!

4) Do you know of any other Dubstep producers from Cali worth mentioning?

yeah absolutely! california has a huge bass music scene and there are way too many amazing producers to even begin to name them all... minnesota is a really dope producer also out of santa cruz who makes really beautiful bass music at a bunch of different tempos, another favorite of mine is megalodon, a crew out of berkeley who produce some really clean, heavy dubs... also one of my favorite producers/dj's these days is dov, who runs muti music. his dj sets are by far some of the best i've ever gotten to see, he spins a super eclectic mix of seriously next level bass music at every imaginable tempo and style... super inspiring to say the least!

5) What's something not a lot of people know about you?

i'm a vegan :)

6) And whats the craziest thing you've ever done in your life?

hmmm, it is difficult to say... i definitely had some crazy experiences at burning man this year!

7) And our final question for this interview is if you could change one thing about this world? What would it be?

i don't know! there are a lot of things about the world i'd like to change.... i guess i'd probably first just want to make sure everyone has food and water!

Interviewer's Ending Comments: Grizzly is definitely one of my favorite producers, and is a California product that I'm very proud of! Producing some of my personally favorite tracks. I love love melodies, sweet 420, addictive synths and 8bit sounds, and Grizzly J definitely incorporates all of these into his music! Maybe its the California Bass thing. =]

Grizzly J Official Links:

Grizzly J's dopest tunes:

Witness - Farewell (Grizzly J Bootleg)

Sexual Prey - Ground (Grizzly J Remix)

Grizzly J - 420 Dubstep Mixtape

Grizzly J's interview conducted exclusively by DubstepRemix.Org!

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